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Buy links from our regional, trusted PBN domains quickly and efficiently. We offer a minimum number of links per site for maximum effect. Choose LinksLAB for the ability to set up and keep the dynamic of unique, non-spammy donors on a variety of thematics.
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Our PBN network is

  • Only quality regional domains (.ca, .fr, .nz, .de, etc.)
  • Tier 1-2 countries
  • Minimum number of links from the site (from 3 to 7 links)
  • No footprints at all levels of site creation
  • One-month mandatory holding period for all newly created sites
  • Constantly updating the donor base and expanding donor locations
  • Low prices (from $50 per placement)
  • Hiding from Ahrefs and other SEO services

Lots of metrics and information about donors for comfortable selection

Analyse various parameters and information about potential donors, including Ahrefs data, indexing information, thematic information, number of links placed, and much more. Top up your account at least once for $1000 or more and you will also be able to see the full names of the sites BEFORE you buy them, in your shopping cart.
LinksLAB: place your guest post conveniently, quickly, safely
How does it work?
Our service gives you the opportunity to purchase PBN links (guest posts) easily and quickly without any extra effort. After registration, you get full access to our user-friendly interface. The diagram below illustrates each step, from login to publishing the purchased link. No complicated negotiations or delays - you are in full control of every step. Just choose, buy links, and post!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do your PBN links work?
Our PBN work because you receive a link from a unique, non-spammy regional donor site that is ranked and indexed by Google. We take quality seriously and give you the opportunity to buy links only from donors we would link to ourselves.

At LinksLAB, you can make payments using USDT. Our payment process is fully automated. Simply enter the desired amount you wish to deposit into your account and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also pay via Paypal or a credit card, but first you need to contact our support to clarify the payment details.

Our clients can have websites from a wide range of niches, including but not limited to gambling, essay writing, cryptocurrency, dating, and more. The only exceptions are adult content, loan sites, and pharmaceutical thematics. The main rule is that your website must be legal and not associated with any fraudulent or deceptive activities.
If you wish, you can buy any number of links from the donor for your project. However, even if you buy only one link and share the domain with someone else, it won't be a problem as we ensure that each site has a minimum number of outgoing links (usually 3). We also maintain a 2-week pause between placements to maximize the effectiveness of your links.
The price of a link starts at $50 and goes up to $300. The price depends on various factors, including the website's parameters, donor site's location (country), and the type of page. In any case, our price range is fair and allows everyone to choose a link that matches their criteria.
Links are paid for and valid for 1 year from the moment of publication. Renewal for the 2nd year and beyond is priced at 50% of the first-year cost.
This situation is only possible if we receive an abuse report regarding the content placed on the site, and our legal department cannot resolve it. Such situations are very rare, but in such a case, you will receive a full refund for the link placement.
From a single site, we place between 3 and 7 links, depending on the site's size:
  • A maximum of 1 link from the homepage.
  • A maximum of 1 link from an existing internal page.
  • Up to 5 guest posts from new site pages created for your content (10% of the number of site pages in the index)
Yes, you can contact our support team with this request, and they will provide you with a few examples of random sites from our donor database.
Yes, just top up your balance by $1000 or more and you will be able to see the full names of the donors before buying a link.
Yes, we allow placing second and subsequent-tier links on the links placed through LinksLAB. The main limitation is that the second-tier links should not exceed 5 links or 10% of the number of referring domains on the site (if this number is less than 5). Third and next tiers have no limitations. Please note that if we detect any violations of these rules, your account may be blocked, and all links may be removed.
Of course, within the next 2 weeks after a user places a link, we provide updates to the thematic content on the site
Yes, we do. In addition, we have a feature that allows the hiding of links on the page.
For any questions regarding our service, you can always reach out to our customer support through your preferred contact method.
User-friendly support 24/5
Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to help you whenever you need it. We're ready to support you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a quick resolution and expert assistance every step of the way.
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